Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cupcake Love

Growing up one of my favorite things to do was bake with my Mom! Now that I am grown up and have my own kitchen to create tasty treats in, I am always wanting to bake and try new things. My favorite thing to bake are cupcakes! When JC and I started dating I realized how much I loved cupcakes and that they could turn a bad day completely around! They are cheerful, fun, and of course tasty! 

Last year I really started getting into baking different types and I would bring them to youth group. This year it was tough for me to bake as much because I was pregnant and couldn't be on my feet for very long. When we got back from our time in the cities after Maggie Grace passed away, I started baking again and it felt so good to be back in the kitchen! So now I am trying to bake cupcakes for the youth group kids that go to Sunday night worship practice and Riot (their sunday night Bible study) every week! It's my ultimate dream to open my own cupcake bakery, it would be called Honey Bee Cupcakes... maybe one day! 

Baking cupcakes is a stress reliever for me, I really enjoy being in the kitchen listening to music and baking the day away. Today was one of those days, all week I was super excited to make Carmel Delight cupcakes they taste just like the girl scout cookie! Here are some pics of  some of the cupcakes I have made in the past and the ones I made today! Leave me a comment on here if you would like the recipe for these tasty cupcakes!! 


Mini Chocolate/ Vanilla 

Chocolate with Peanut butter frosting

Hot Fudge Sundae 


Vanilla with almond buttercream frosting

Boston Cream 

Junior Mint

Cookies and Cream


Carmel Delight!

My new cupcake apron I just got as a gift today!


  1. You've been a busy bee! Love this. You are such an adorable baker. xoxo

  2. We miss your cupcakes!!!!!!!!! :( They all look so good!

  3. Yum Yum Yum!!! Baking days are THE BEST... I'll be in line to buy some cupcakes some day ;0)