Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello August!

Well hello August, you seem to have snuck up on me! August promises to be a fun, busy, and all around great month! July flew by pretty fast, but it was also filled with great times and great memories! I feel like July was a month full of time to reflect and reorganize my prioritize in life. I am looking forward to August even though it means technically the last month of summer... but I can't lie, my absolute favorite season is fall!! Here is what I am looking forward to this month...

*Breathing in the fresh air!
*Feeling the sun of my skin.
*Family coming to visit us in the Falls.
*Craft nights with my bestie here in the Falls.
*Going to Canada with the teens for a camping trip.
*Going to the cities (and another secret location) to visit family and friends!
*Going on hikes with JC and the pups.
*Going to the state fair!
*Taking a road trip to Michigan to my family's cabin (haven't been there in almost 3 years!)
*Praying and trusting God for another baby soon!

Tonight JC was at youth group and I spent the night cleaning and organizing, oh how I love being a house wife! We finally got our big order out at work and I have tomorrow off, I am looking forward to a coffee date with new friends and a craft night! Seriously our August is filled to the brim with activities! I am so looking forward to Brad and whitney coming for a visit on Monday, I'm excited to bake for them and to celebrate Brad's birthday with him... I am SO thankful for my big brother and who he is to me! Here are some pics from our destination unknown we went on yesterday, we went to putt-n-go in Bemidji!
Hope you had a blessed wednesday! 


The whole gang! 

My Love! 

Fun with duct tape! 

Just me! 

Having fun going on the water slide!


Rachel and I, love this girl! 

Quite nights at home, one of my favorite things! 

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