Sunday, August 5, 2012

Things I Loved About This Week!

This week has flown by... it was full of a lot of fun things! 

* Tuesday was fun going to putt-n-go with the teens, being in the sun and seeing my hubby doing the job he loves! 

* Wednesday was a busy day at work, but it felt really good to get our big order packaged up and sent out! That night while JC was at youth group I cleaned the house and  some candles, I love being a house wife and making a house feel like a home! This is something I feel like I inherited from my mom.

Love my time with Laura! 
* Thursday was a great day, I met up with one of my friends who introduced me to the new pastor's wife. I just love meeting up with people over a cup of coffee and the conversations that follow, especially the convos about our faith! That night I went over to my friend Laura's house for a craft night, we got an idea for an erring holder from our friend Jenna. It was super easy and came out super cute! I use to think that I wasn't very creative, but the older I get the more patient and creative I am with projects! I just love my friend Laura and the conversations that we have, I am so grateful and blessed by our friendship! 

* Friday I continued with my crafting and figured if I mad a erring holder I should make a necklace holder... so I saw one on pinterest that I liked and kind of just went off of that! Thanks to the help from my hubby I was able to finish it and I love it! I feel like I am getting addicted to doing crafts, they are just so fun to do and to see an end product that you created!I baked some m & m cookie bars and enjoyed being in the kitchen in my own world. I just love the feeling of baking and as I was whipping up these yummy treats I couldn't help but think of all the great times I had baking with my mama! I loved being in the kitchen with her, singing, and just being with her. I sure do miss that lady, I even miss how picky she was about the way the Christmas cookies looked... they had to be just right! I find myself being just as picky as her... like mother like daughter I guess! 

* Yesterday was a relaxing day and we ended it with watching a movie and cuddling on the couch! Possible one of my favorite things to do with my love! We clipped the dogs nails, oh the many joys of being a pet owner... JC accidentally cut one of Zoey's nails too short. So I had to put pressure on it with a paper towel while JC held Zoey in his lap, as crazy as it sounds watching him hold her and keeping her calm made me think about what he will be like with a baby and being a daddy! And I think he will be a wonderful daddy and I can not wait to see him hold our babies! 

Today at the Outdoor service! 
* Today was a great day, we had our church service outside in Smiley Bear Park. It was a gorgeous day to be outside and be surrounded by our church family!After the service was a picnic and I so enjoyed talking to people and catching up with people. I am so thankful and feel so blessed to have the church family that we do! 

Tomorrow I have a coffee date in the morning, I have to run a few errands, then come home and clean for our guests, and then I have small group tomorrow night! I am SO excited to see Brad, Whitney, Will & Ori, it will be great to spend time with family! I am attempting to make a french silk pie from scratch to celebrate Brad's Birthday, we will see how it comes out! After they leave JC leaves for MUUUCE down in the cities for 3 days, so I will be at home with the pups and I'm hoping to work a few days while he is gone! I am loving life right now and enjoying each day to the fullest! I hope you all had a blessed week!


Finished earring holder! 

Yummy m&m bars! 
Finished necklace holder! 
Love doing life with this man! 

Beautiful day, love Minnesota skies! 

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