Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's gettin cold out there!

Stepping outside and being able to see your breath is just another reminder that fall is rapidly turning into winter here in Northern MN. I can't help but be excited for Christmas time and yes even be excited for snow... I am excited and nervous for what God has in store for us this year! This time of year really makes me want to stay in my warm house and cuddle up with my honey, and oh yes bake yummy things that make our house smell oh so good! Currently it smells like banana bread... mmmm can't wait for a bit of it!! 

This week flew by as usual and I can not believe that it is almost November! That means almost time for the big turkey dinner, and my love's birthday, I guess you could say that November is my second favorite month of the year! This year JC and I decided that we will be spending Thanksgiving here with the two of us and the pups, which makes me sad that we will not be with family. JC is excited to have the day just to ourselves, we will have to see how he does with the turkey... because we all know I would never be confident enough to take that on myself haha! 

This week is busy, but not as busy as last week which will be nice for a little break since JC is still trying to recover from his cold he got earlier this week! We are doing trunk or treat at the church for Halloween on Wednesday and we are decorating our car as the bat mobile and I believe we are bringing Zeke as our Bat Dog! I hope you all have a great week and stay warm!! 


JC's office door covered in notes from students
for pastor appreciation month! 

A sweet notes one of the students left for me
absolutely made my day! 

One of our new favorite snacks at night... NEVER
too old for chocolate milk! 

Zeke was very cuddly with daddy this week,
I think he knew he wasn't feeling good! 

My favorite puppy girl! 

Us after the fall carnival we did with the teens yesterday! 
My birthday gift from Vera Bradley, they sent me a
gift card so I only had to pay shipping on my
computer case and address book!
Love getting deals like this!! 

Yummy Pumpkin cupcake with maple frosting! 

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