Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

Giving thanks for what we have in our lives is something that we should do more then just once a year. However it's hard to remember what we are thankful for especially when we are faced with an uncertain future. Which is where JC and I are right now, however I feel like being faced with an uncertain future is what is making me look at my life and all the things I have to be thankful for... 

* My God
*My amazing, loving, supportive, kindhearted husband
*Baby Pistachio
*Our Maggie Grace & her short time with us
*My wonderful,loving and supportive family (on both sides!)
*My amazing friends who are always there
*Zoey & Zeke, my pups who always know how to make me laugh
*Food on the table
*Being pregnant for the second year in a row during the holidays!
*A roof over my head
*A pillow to rest my head on at night
*A healthy body
And the list goes on

May your Thanksgiving day be filled with moments of thankfulness and memories that will stay with you always! I pray that we will continue to remember to be thankful everyday of the year! 


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