Monday, December 10, 2012

Day By Day in Pics

Well the first week of December has come and gone, this week promises to be a busy one including a doctor appointment tomorrow! Excited to hear baby pistachio's heartbeat again! I hope you had a great week and that this week is wonderful as well! Here is our week in pictures!


Love getting mail especially all the way form

Pregnancy craving!

Unpacking Christmas decorations... came across this
made me miss my Maggie Grace

Delish dinner my love made! Baby and I were both happy after
this meal!! 

Day 4 of photo a day Black and White
Also my oldest nephew turned 10!! 

Cuddling with my little boy! 
Day 5 Looking up! Sporting my Red Sox future fan shirt! 

Started wrapping presents!
Also day 6: something I held 

Zoey finally came and laid in bed with me after over
a week of her acting funny! 

Day 7: Star 

JC was putting up a fight to put up the tree, so I did it
This week in my devo! 

Day 8: Someone I love! 

Fresh white snow on Sunday morning! 

Day 9: Out and About... at church watching the
Christmas program! SO cute! 

My sleepy Zeke this morning... you would think 10:30 was late for a
puppy to sleep in till! 

Our Christmas card we sent out to family and friends! 

Day 10:' Under- snow under my feet! 

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