Monday, February 25, 2013

The Sunshine State

Well we made it to Florida and praise God for us getting here safely without any problems out on the road! So thankful that our collage friend Chris helped us out with the driving aspect, so we could each have time not driving! The first leg of our trip we stopped at my Dad's house, then we continued on the next day and picked up Chris in Iowa and drove a total of 1,010 miles and ended our day in Tennessee at about 2 o'clock eastern time... it was a very long day! The next day we did about 700 miles, JC did the math and figured that in total him and I were in the car for about 38 hours over 3 days!! Yuck!! But it went by fairly fast especially after we picked up Chris. The pups did well traveling, and traveling with two dogs defiantly made it interesting... we ended up feeding them in the packing lot of gas stations!! Haha life is never dull when you own animals! 

We arrived in Belle Glade and about 11pm Thursday night and were welcomed by our new partners in ministry Carl & Marsha and their sweet daughter Carly! Our pantries and fridge were stocked with food for us, such an awesome welcome! I feel like since we have arrived here all the days have seem to blur together. We feel extremely blessed to have been called into this sweet church family and already feel God working here and in us! We are excited to get started with our ministry... JC already led worship yesterday morning! The weather here is awesome, but hot it will for sure take us some time to get used to it! We went for our first walk with the dog tonight around the neighborhood and enjoyed a beautiful sunset! 

Each day we unpack more and more and it's feeling more and more like home here! The dogs have adjusted well so far, but poor Zeke gets so hot because of his black fur. He is shedding so much hair so I think I will be vacuuming up his hair just about everyday! We have had fun buying a couple new pieces of furniture, but are still saving up to get a new bedroom set... which I can't wait to get because not having my clothes in a dresser is driving me nuts right now! I feel like we have already been gifted so much, when people heard that we were in need of a few things we were gifted some money to get those things! I love how God is constantly providing for us where ever we go, we have seen this time and time again! Our God is SO SO good!! 

So here are a few pics of our trip, I'll do another post with pics of our cute new house soon! Hope you all had a great weekend and that this week is full of blessings!


We made it!! 

Got to spend some time with Ori on his 3rd Birthday
before we left!

Cutie!! He requested waffles for dinner... my kinda boy! 

Love my Brother! 

Love my SIL! 

Sleepy Zeke on the car ride! 

Beautiful sunrise Wednesday morning! 

Feeding the pups! 

Chris & Zeke my travel companions for most of the trip! 

Bright blue Georgia Skies! 

Geting a little loopy in the car! 

Frist stop in FL was at a Busy Bee Gas Station... I think this was a
sign of FL welcoming me with open arms! 

You know it's starting to feel more like home when your
fridge is covered with your stuff! 

Beautiful rainbow on our drive to West Palm Beach
Saturday night! 

My love and I out to dinner with Chris! 

My handsome hubby leading worship yesterday! 

Some pretty FL flowers! 

They sure know how to make us feel welcome! 

Flip flops, sun & green grass in February... I'll take it! 
Said goodbye to Chris Bob this morning! 

The beautiful sunset tonight on our walk! 

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