Saturday, April 27, 2013


This past week JC and I spent in Daytona Beach at a Pastor's retreat (I know a tough spot to have a retreat at!) and it was focused on making time to rest. I could feel God working in my heart and pressing upon it that this season of mine & JC's life is about rest, taking time to heal. In general our world is so wrapped up in being busy and wanting to get things done ASAP & I too fall into this trap often. It is so important to allow ourselves to rest, even God rested on the 7th day! Many times in the Bible it takes about rest and keeping the sabbath day for rest, so my challenge to you is to take time to rest in your busy life! This doesn't mean being lazy but just taking time to breath, rest, have time with God, and processing maybe where you are in your own life! 

It was a wonderful time away, and it was great to enjoy resting with JC. I went on my first moonlit walk & I must say it was pretty nice!! We also enjoyed a run on the beach, I think the beach is my fav spot to run outside now!! I have such a wonderful husband who not only encourages me while I workout but has started running with me, even though he doesn't need to lose any weight! My weight is coming off slowly but surely, I went shopping today and was able to buy a whole pant size smaller... I can't tell you how good that felt!! So I am more determined then ever to lose that pesky baby weight (and gain it back with the next! ;) and I've been bit by the running bug and love every time I go for a run!! 

I hope you all had a great week and are enjoying the weekend!! 


My fun little craft project I did for the bathroom! 

Ready for our drive to Daytona! 

I love long road trips with my hubby & our conversations! 
Our view from our hotel room... not too bad! 

Love this kind of view! 

Soaking up the rays with a big smile on my face!! 

Got my first pair Toms & I love them!! 

He makes my heart smile! 

Love this saying!! 

Beach walk with sea foam! 

Love precious beach finds! 

Run on the beach before dinner! 

All dressed up for dinner!! 

Cute shop we went to check out! 

Next day we stopped at Camp to check things out for
this summer! 

He's pretty cute, even when he doesn't want to smile! 

Our run around camp, full of God's beauty and our goofiness!! 

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  1. Bee.... I'm so glad you had time to rest! It brings a tear to my eye to see you smiling so big in the pictures.. love you! Keep having fun!