Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Next Adventure...

As of last week the church here has decided to let JC go, even though it is not our choice to leave our sweet church family and the sunshine state… we are clinging to our God once again and trusting in his plan for our lives. We will be leaving Florida March 1st and driving to New Hampshire to move in with JC's Dad. We hope to find jobs quickly and hopefully one of us can find a job that supplies benefits, so we can take care of our sweet baby! 
We have decided to take a step back from ministry for a few different reasons, JC is looking forward to seeing what kind of job God is leading him to now. It will be different to not be in ministry as we have been doing it since we got married, but we are looking forward to getting involved in the church in town. Where we are moving to is where we first lived when we got married and actually started a youth group at the church in town which is now growing. It makes it a lot easier to move somewhere we know and we will be close to family which is always a plus! 
Our sweet Zoey girl! 
As we prepare to move we will be giving our sweet puppy Zoey up, JC's dad already has a golden retriever and we feel as though it's a lot of us to ask him if we can bring both dogs. Even though it tears me up inside to have to give up my baby Zoey, who has been with me through all the hard times I just pray that she goes to a good home! So if you know anybody in Florida that would like a sweet dog that is trained and good with kids, please let me know! She is a Sharpei, Corgi mix, about 30 pounds, she will be 6 in June so she has plenty of life to live!
She loves taking naps! 

So we leave here, sad to say goodbye but looking forward to what God has for the three of us in NH! Please if you think of us pray that we will find employment quickly and for a smooth transition into our new adventure in NH! We know that God's hands will be guiding us in the next few weeks as we prepare to leave FL and move to NH… I'm not looking forward to going back to the cold but thankful we are moving towards the end of winter!! 

Blessings to you my friends,

My little love & I! 

We took a trip to where we prayed for our Kylie girl the day
we found out we were expecting her! It was a pretty
awesome feeling to return there with her in our

Love this sweet face!

After a long emotional day like today, I am so thankful
to be able to cuddle with my little girl! 

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