Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Life Lately...

The following are facts about our life lately... Sorry it's been so long since I wrote! 
~It was hard leaving our home & friends in FL
~It took us 4 days total to drive from FL to NH... Kylie did WONDERFUL in the car! 
~Life has been crazy since we arrived at our new home
~Very thankful for a loving & supportive Father in Law who is providing a roof over our heads during this difficult time/transition in life!
~I found a job a week and a half after moving here!
~I am teaching 4 yr olds at a daycare center about 40 mins from here
~My class is a very challenging one (they have already been through 2 teachers this year) but I love my kids and cherish the kids I get from them!
~Kylie is growing like crazy!
~So fun to hear our little peanut giggle & see her smiles!!
~Thankful for JC who is willing to watch Kylie during the day when I'm at work (he is still searching for a job, so once he gets one Kylie will be able to come to work with me!)
~Thankful for a loving God who continues to provide for us in this difficult time
~Thankful for a mind that continues to look for the good/positive things in life even among the hard times
~Thankful for the beautiful view & place that we now live.
~Thankful for this time in life to reflect,breath & work on becoming the best version of myself!
~I am learning to take time for myself and also spending my morning time with my God!
~Life is crazy/stressful/ but so rewarding and beeautiful all at the same time!

If you're having a hard time in life right now, hang in there God will provide and carry you through... I have experienced this many times over in the past few years! Well baby girl is wanting me to hold her, so I gotta run but here are a few photos from the last few weeks, enjoy! Blessings to you my friends!!


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