Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Secret is Out!

Well the secret is out... we are expecting another little blessing! We found out at the end of August about this surprise blessing! I surprised JC and showed him a new shirt I got for Kylie which said "big sister" on it! This pregnancy was a big surprise but none the less we have been really excited about it. As of this Tuesday I will be 20 weeks along with this baby... crazy already half way through! Pregnancy goes by much quicker when your busy chasing around a little one! 
On Friday we went to see specialist up in Lebanon (about 2 hrs away) for an ultra sound where we found out that we are having a little BOY!! We could not be more excited about this little man joining our family!! Baby is healthy, expect they did find something called "bright bowel" which could be an indication of down syndrome or cystic fibrosis (there is only a 25% chance that it could be these things, most of the time it ends up being nothing & going away by the next ultrasound) So they drew my blood to test if I'm even a carrier for CF & if the baby has down syndrome, we should find out the results in about two weeks. We will be going for another ultrasound there in about 5 weeks. We are keeping faith in God that everything will be fine and he will be born happy & healthy!! Here are some belly pics and ultrasound pics of our little man! Oh and my due date is April 14th... even though he will more than likely make his appearance earlier! 

Blessings to you my friends

Me and my babies... on my birthday! 

Baby at 11 weeks! 

Baby bump at 19 weeks & 5 days (today!)

Our handsome little man's profile! 

Hey little baby foot! 

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  1. So happy for you all. Will be praying for your little man's health as he grows!