Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hello March! Could it be baby month?!

I really want to get better at writing more often on here, it's hard because I am busy with our peanut all day! Any way I thought I would do a quick update on our little man and life in general! 

I am currently 34 wks pregnant with our little man and feeling pretty good.. this has by far been the easiest pregnancy for me. Of course I am at that point where I am ready to be done being pregnant! Little man is healthy, practicing breathing, moving a ton and last ultrasound to measure growth he was measuring almost a week ahead! He has been my most active baby & its fun to feel him wiggle, hiccup & kick! We are now going to the doctors once a week and have an ultrasound done, non stress test and see a doctor. Love the ultrasound because we get to see him, yesterday the tech told us that he has lots of hair haha imagine that another one of our children with lots of hair! I absolutely hate the non-stress test... I lay (and not in a comfortable position) with monitor hooked up to me to take his heartbeat/movement and if I'm having any contractions. Our little man is stubborn, so what should only take 30 mins, takes up to an hour to an hour and a half! Thankfully JC's work has allowed for him to be with me during my Tuesday appointments, so he can take care of Kylie during the time I'm hooked up. Yesterday she fell asleep in daddy's arms for about a half hour and I know he was loving every minute of it! 

Speaking of our precious girl, Kylie continues to entertain us and surprise us with things that she has learned! After weeks of anticipating her walking, she finally took her first real steps on valentine's day! She is now always on the go, it's fun to watch her walk and learn how to balance (I was hoping she would walk before her brother arrived!) One morning as we were saying bye to daddy, she surprised us by blowing him kisses (something she's seen us do, but we never taught her) she understand when I ask her in the morning if she's ready for her bath and walks over to the steps to go upstairs. She absolutely loves Ripley (my father in laws golden retriever) and gives him attention and love everyday, Currently she is cuddling with him in his kennel! Zeke will give her kisses, but prefers his distance from her. He has been acting like a big baby lately and I think it's because he can sense another little one will be arriving soon! 

So, life is busy and we are busy preparing for little man's arrival and getting excited to meet him! With my blood pressure always being my issue... they are watching that closely and we are kind of just waiting for them to say it's time to deliver. We are hoping to make it to 37 weeks so we can deliver here in Keene and not have to drive 2 hrs to the other hospital. Here are some pics of life lately, I hope to blog at least one more time before little man arrives! I hope you are having an awesome week my friends!


Little man at 33 weeks

First big girl steps! 

loving on Ripley!

First sleepover with cousin Cam, she did awesome! 

Soaking up as much time with her before little man gets here!