Monday, October 26, 2015


Now that we have almost been in our new home for a month I thought I would share some of my favorite little things about the house. As you can imagine with two littles in the house it is rarely if ever picked up for very long! We still have somethings top unpack/ organize but for the most part we are settled! Life has been extra busy around here with me training for my first 5K race (which I completed yesterday!) picking up more hours at work so the kiddos are going to daycare one day a week and just enjoying the fall as a family of four! So here are some quick pics of our new home! Hope you all have a fantastic week friends! 


Mud room... entry way from the driveway.

Kitchen with its everyday mess

Then you walk into the playroom!

My play kitchen from when I was little!

Reading corner

pellet stove to help with heating

living room

"mantle" in the living room

then we head upstairs...

Our bedroom which has a bathroom attached to it
love this, makes bath time easier!

Bathroom counter

Kylie's crib (I made her & Micah's letter canvases above their cribs)

Micah's crib right by the door

Another craft project I did for above our bed!

Kylie has mastered the stairs!

My chair in the playroom for reading!Working on
getting more pics for the gallery wall!

Front door

Reading in the reading corner this morning!

So fun to watch her learn!

little man this morning!

moving a lot these days... just waiting for him to start crawling!

A common sight in our home, kiddo and puppy dog!

Sign originally from Maggie's room. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Micah Jacob {6 Months}

Our sweet boy turned 6 months on October 10th... I can't believe how fast these 6 months have gone with him. He is such a happy easy going baby and I couldn't imagine our lives without him. He loves his sister and she can always make him laugh! He rolls all over the place and if he wants to get across the room, he does it by rolling! He's a pro at holding things in his hands and loves studying objects that he holds in his hands. He started eating oatmeal cereal about a month ago, he gobbles it up and does so in a very messy manner! 
Micah is still a mama's boy and usually cuddles in bed with mommy every morning before big sister wakes up. He spits up a lot still, so he usually wears a bib and a burp rag is his most functional accessory! He loves to talk (he has since the day he was born) giggle, and smile a lot! We love our little boy so very much and can't wait to continue watching him grow into the person God created him to be! Here are a few recent pics of our lil man... oh and by little I mean little, he still continues to be in the 1% for his age; he is a whooping 13lbs 2oz and 24.5 inches long {short}. Doctor says he looks great, he's just little!