Sunday, March 18, 2012

Busy week!!

This past Tuesday was my last Apples of Gold night, our bible study was about hospitality. Ever since we moved here I have wanted to have more people over, but between being pregnant and our house being so little it just never really happened. Well this week JC and I had people over not once but twice. We had an old friend from our CBC (Covenant Bible College, where JC and I met) days along with his wife and brother in law! It was a great night of story telling,food, and laughter! And last night we had new friends, Megan and Mike came over for St. Patrick's day and we played the game of life! It felt good to open our house up to people and share in fellowship! This week I also went to see about getting a job at a new shop in town, had a tea party with a good friend and her adorable daughter, I worked out, we had youth group, I had a coffee date with a new friend Saturday morning, soaked up some rays yesterday, started reading the Hunger Games! Over all it was a great, busy week, full of friends, new friends, sunshine and fun! 

My beautiful necklace from my sweet cousin I got in the mail this week!

I whipped up some yummy cupcakes for dessert Thursday night in the Kitchen Aid! 

My Tea Party with Alexandra!

Love this man with my WHOLE heart!

My new friend Megan and I on St. Patty's Day!

Spending the afternoon outside in the sunshine with my puppy reading the Hunger Games!

This week I am looking forward to a lot of things...
* Going for training at my new job
*Working out
* Going to look at a new house
* Going to Easter Choir Practice
* Youth Group
* Going for a walk with another new friend and her daughters
* Spending sometime with Laura
*Going for a coffee date with my love
* Enjoying more sunshine and working on my tan!
* Hopefully finishing the Hunger Games and going to see the movie!
* Apples of Gold graduation dinner with my hubby as my date!

As the time goes on it seems like our calendar is filling up fast, but I am excited about this and looking forward to spending more time with new friends! I am finally making friends and going out and socializing, which I could not be more excited about! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

xoxoxo Bee

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