Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello March!

Last night as I ripped February off the calendar on our fridge, I got excited for a fresh new month! Here are somethings I am looking forward to this month...

  • Getting a job! (hopefully at the floral shop in town!)
  • Getting in shape, eating healthier and exercising! 
  • Going for a visit to the cities for Shannon's Birthday!
  • Picking out my bridesmaid dress for Dad and Mary's wedding!
  • Going for walks with Zoey!
  • Having date nights with JC!
  • Getting more involved with the teens at youth group!
  • Baking something new every week!
  • Painting my nails with colorful polish!
  • Hopefully more sunny days!
As we start a new month I am hopeful for what the future holds for JC and I! I feel a sense of renewal coming with the month of March, I had a doctor's appointment on Monday and the doctor said that JC and I can start trying for another baby starting in April! So I am very excited for that and I am even more focused and determined to loss weight and get into shape! I am also getting into shape for Dad and Mary's wedding because I was asked to be one of the bridesmaids! Their wedding is May 12th on a river boat on the St.Croix, so I am very much looking forward to it and praying for good weather! I'm excited to go down to the cities next weekend for my sister-in law Shannon's birthday, it will be good to be with my family for a happy occasion and not a sad one! Tonight JC and I are looking forward to a quite night at home with each other, tomorrow night we are going to the high school basketball game to watch some of the students play and the girls cheer! 

xoxo Bee

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