Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My new Job!

It has been a wonderful week full of beautiful weather, quality time with my hubby playing Yahtzee, time with a new friend making cake pops, reading the Hunger Games and today I started working at my new job! I will be working at Swanky Sweet Pea, it's a new bath boutique that opened downtown. It is the cutest shop, super girly and if I ever opened my own cupcake bakery it would look just like this shop!! The owner Raeanne creates these adorable bath fizzes that look like cupcakes and other baked goods! If you know me you know how much I love cupcakes and baking them, so this job is perfect for me! Today I did a little training and just enjoyed talking with Raeanne and hearing about how crazy busy she is and how her business is blooming!Check out her website: Tonight is youth group and I'm excited to see the kids, what kids show up that is, about 25% of the high students were out sick today there are four different kinds of sickness going around. So JC and I are praying that we don't get sick! I'm trying to finish up reading the Hunger Games so JC and I can go see the movie on friday night!! Hope you all are having a wonderful week as well!


Saw this ray of sunshine the other day and couldn't help but think of our angel baby looking down on us!

The beautiful sunset last night!

The adorable products I will be selling!

So cute!

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  1. Ahhhh!! How exciting! It sounds right up your alley... hope it's going well:0)