Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Angel Baby

As JC and I woke up Saturday morning, we laid in bed for awhile and I was just thinking how wonderful it would be to have our little Maggie Grace laying between us. I thought about doing this often when I was pregnant with her, I never thought that I wouldn't be able to do that with her. She is in my heart and I miss her everyday, what I would give to hold her again, kiss her sweet head, kiss her little toes and hands, give her baths... I long to do these things and it makes my heart sad that I am not able to do them. While I was pregnant with her I feel like I took her for advantage, if I had only known she would not be with us now I would have done many things differently. I have been wanting to share pictures of our beautiful girl, so I hope you enjoy this glimpse of Heaven. 

xoxo Bee

Maggie Grace at 20 weeks

Sucking her thumb!

So excited to be having a girl!

Around 26 weeks a long! 

Hand painted canvas's I made! 
A room filled with Love!
Daddy Painting his little girl's room!

Maggie Grace Barber
The face of an Angel

Sweet little feet
Perfect sized baby girl

Bracelet made by Auntie Cassie, to remember her by!

Love these little prints!

We will meet you in Heaven Little Girl! Love you! 


  1. What a beautiful girl. Thank you for sharing your photos and your story. You are touching many lives and you will continue to be a blessing to others.

  2. You express your feelings so beautifully Bee. Thank you for sharing the pictures and your heart!