Monday, April 23, 2012

Destination Unknown

What a blessed weekend we had! We left church on Saturday around 11am with 19 students heading down to the twin cities, they didn't know where we were taking them until we got down there. We surprised them with a Casting Crowns concert! If you have ever heard of this christian band you know how awesome they are and how there lyrics really speak into you! This was my first teens trip I took with them, it was awesome to get to know some of the students better and to see my hubby in action. I can just see how much he loves these kids and really enjoys his job, did I ever mention how much I love and respect him?! He is kinda great and I feel so blessed to be his wife and stand by his side! 

Our sponsor Child, Brenda! 
Saturday night was an awesome night of music and worship, I was so blessed by all the artists that performed! It was great to see the kids in worship and singing along with the songs! This tour was sponsored by World Vision, which is a great organization that helps bring better lives to people in need in other countries. The band talked about their experiences with this organization and being touched by visiting their sponsor children, JC and I were touched by the stories and decided to try and find a girl with Maggie Grace's birthday to sponsor and low and behold we found one! I was meant to be, as I filled out the paper work JC talked to the guy at the table and shared the story about our baby girl. When we went to walk away from the table we were stopped by a man who said he overheard JC telling the story of how we lost our baby, he just looked so sad and asked if he could hug us. We hugged and shared a little bit of our stories, he asked what her name was and told us he would keep us in his prayers and encouraged us to keep leaning on God. Talking with this man made me realize how much impact our Maggie Grace has had on people. We love you and miss you baby girl and appreciate your life and what you have given us and other people!  By the time we got back to the church we stayed at that night, I think we were all exhausted especially the leaders. 

Sunday we woke up bright and early, cleaned up and headed to my home church for the 9:15 service. I so loved being back in my home church and visiting with people that have known me since I was young and have seen me grow up. I was able to get Ryleigh (my sweet two year old niece) from the nursery and my heart leaped for joy when I saw her and heard her say my name! This little girl is SO incredibly special to me, all my nephews are too... but she holds a special place in my heart! I was so thankful that I was able to spend time with my family, it was not nearly long enough but it was great to just see their faces!! 

We got home last night to our two very happy and excited puppies (I love coming home to them!) We think Zeke grow about 2 inches literally over night, he is getting so big already!! We are working hard on training with him, and enjoying the puppy stage. They are defiantly keeping us busy and on our toes! This is a busy week for us, and we are more than likely moving into a new house by sunday... so we are going to be busy packing and cleaning. I hope you all had a great weekend, here are some pics of our weekend! 


Saturday morning leaving the church! 
Detour to buy a new side mirror for the bus because the original one fell off! 

I love this man! 

Great concert with great bands! 

All the teens that came! 

Casting Crowns on stage! 

My favorite little girl! 

Love this boy, can you tell we are related?!

Ian David with Sophie (Mary's dog)

Sweet little Ori

Hi Clay William! 

Ryleigh Grace

Sweet faces that I love!

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  1. Oh Bee!! This post made me so incredibly happy! What a wonderful idea to sponsor a child with the same birthday as Maggie Grace. Week by week I am blown away by your strength, honesty, and continued love for those around you - even when you feel so weak you change lives around you. Keep pressing on and makin' cupcakes! <3 mindy