Monday, April 9, 2012

Meet Zeke!

Well the Easter bunny brought us a wonderful present this year... a new puppy!! He is about 10 weeks old, he is a Border Collie/German Shepard mix... and we have decided to name him Zeke! So we now have Zoey and Zeke, they get along very well and have a ton of fun playing together and playing tug of war with their rope toys!! JC and I know that we have our hands full with a new member in our family, but we are ready for it and I personally feel like he will be a good distraction if we don't get pregnant right away! So here are some pics of our new baby Zeke and from this Easter weekend!


My Honey and I on Easter morning! 

Amazing Sunset Easter night!

Our boy Zeke

He likes to lay on our feet.

Playing tug of war!

Zoey having fun playing with her little brother!

Sweet green eyed boy!

Hi baby boy!

Big sister and little brother!

Out for a walk

Tired puppies after a walk and playing together! 

Me with the little boy!

Both Zeke and Zoey got baths today! He did good!

He smelt so good after his bath!

Sleepy boy!


  1. B hes so darn cute! Congrats on the new member of your family! :)Love seeing your smile, it makes me smile. :)♥ Alicia O

  2. Bee!! How cute!!! I love him! Now we both have a Zeke and Zoe (Ours are cats though:) Have fun with two pups!

  3. Sooo Soooo Soooo cute!! Can't wait to meet him :0)