Friday, April 20, 2012

What a Week!

This week as been a whirlwind! I was busy with work, I gave the talk wednesday night at teens, met a friend for coffee thursday morning, we have been busy training the puppy, and last night we bought JC his very first grill, so we had yummy steaks last night for dinner! Today we have been busy cleaning up the house and tonight we have to pack because we are leaving tomorrow morning for our destination unknown! I'm excited to be going to a teen event because I am not super pregnant right now, Sunday we are going to be going to my church that I grew up in! I'm excited for the teens to experience my home church and my dad graciously offered to have us all over to his house after church for a cook out! I'm excited to visit home even if it's just for a few short hours!! We are leaving our puppies with one of the students to take care, I just hope they are good while we are gone! I think both JC and I are excited to spend some quality time with a smaller group of the teens and the event we are going to is going to be lots of fun!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Here are some pics from the week and some of the crazy pups!! 


Zeke in the car going to visit daddy at work

Me heading to work channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn!

Sweet card from Dad and Mary!

Puppies playing tug of war under the table

JC's new grill!

He's so proud to have his own grill!! :)

Yummy steak!

Our crazy puppies!

Zeke playing outside in the sun today!

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