Monday, April 16, 2012

Zeke's first snow day!

Today was Zeke's first day being in the snow (yes snow on April 16th... gotta love the weather in northern MN!) and boy did he love it! He didn't want to come in! Here are some pics from today and the past few days with the pups! 


Zeke loves to look at himself and lick the mirror!

one of his favorite spots, sleeping on daddy's sweatpants! 

Rope toy shredded! 

Love playing together!

Disaster puppy zone... we are now down to 1 ball!!

Puppy training time with daddy! 


Such good listeners! 

Look Zeke... it's SNOW!!

He loved burying his face in the snow! 

Crazy pup!

This is him on the steps not wanting to come in...

Run Zeke run! 

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