Friday, May 18, 2012

Would You?

If you were given the choice to choose your life or someone else's life before you were born, would you? I am sure many of you would say yes, and those of you who would say no must have a pretty awesome life! I am sure you would think that I would say that I would prefer to have been given someone else's life, given all the crummy things I have been through in the last two years of my life. As I thought about this question this morning at first I thought yes I would want someone else's life.... but the more I thought about it, NOPE would not trade my life for anything!

You may think that I am crazy, but the more I thought about it the more I saw all of the HUGE blessings in my life!

I would NEVER trade my husband for anyone else, God knew what he was doing when he brought us together. We support each other, love each other, we know how to grieve together, we know how to find the good things within the bad, we know how to laugh among some of our the worst days! If I didn't marry JC I would not know the truest form of love there is! I thank God everyday for giving me JC, because without him my life would not be complete. Our time as a married couple has not been easy; having two big moves, being pregnant not even one year into our marriage, losing our precious Maggie Grace. However this is what makes us who we are today, the love we have for each other has only grown with each of these things! And I thank God for that because just one of these things could have ruined a marriage especially such a young marriage like ours! So if I had someone else's life, I would not know my great love... JC Barber!

I would NEVER trade my parents in a million years. They are the people who helped shape and mold me into the person I am today, they poured so much love and understanding into me. My mom helped give me strong self confidence and she was my number one supporter, she was there to hold me up on those hard days growing up, and I am sure that she constantly prayed for me! My dad was a role model for what a strong christian man looks like, after mom passed away he helped give me strength and our relationship grew leaps and bounds! He has been there for me since Maggie Grace passed away and I feel so blessed to have him as a father! Even though my mom is now gone, I thank God that I had her growing up and that I was able to know her for 24 years... I do wish it could have been longer! I take so much of who she was as a women, wife, mother and grandmother to heart, I just pray that I am able to be just as wonderful as she was! So if I had someone else's life, I would not have had Dave and Maggie as my parents and I wouldn't have known such wonderful and loving parents.
Love these people!

Cassie and I!
I would NEVER trade my siblings for anything! I love my brothers so much and could not imagine my life without them, they are my protectors who never want to see anything bad happen to me and they have both been there through us losing Maggie Grace. They have been there to support us, pray for us, and to hug us! I am so grateful and blessed for the wonderful women they both married, they each came into my life at different times but they mean the world to me! And I am thankful for JC's sister Cassie for being a wonderful support and encourager for me! We may not be blood sisters but we have each other's backs like we are, I'm so thankful to God for blessing me with wonderful sister-in-laws who love me as much as they do. And their children... I could go on all day about how much my nephews and niece mean to me! They have blessed me beyond words and I hold them SO close to my heart and I always want to be there for them as they grow up wether I'm near or far, they will always be close to my heart! So if I had someone else's life I would not have my brothers, sister-in-laws and my sweet nephews and niece and I would not know what it was like to be an auntie to these kids, or know the love of my brothers and sister-in-laws!

Mindy and I!
Ellie and I!
Rebecca and I!
I would NEVER trade my friends in a million years! God has blessed me with some truly amazing friends! Growing up I always prayed for God to give me good, true, christian friends... he didn't truly answer this prayer until later in my life. There are three amazing girls that I met at North Park; Rebecca, Ellie and Mindy. Our friendships grew at different times, but we all ended up being the best of friends! We all now live in different states and Mindy (the adventurous one) is living in Indonesia right now! But you can bet that when my world came crashing down for a second time with Maggie Grace passed away they were right there to support us. Rebecca flew in from Colorado and Ellie from Washington state, they each stayed for about a week. Rebecca helped cook for us, helped write out thank you cards, and was just there as a listening ear. Ellie helped clean where my c-section was, gave me back rubs, and was there to keep me company and keep my spirits up. And Mindy even though she is in another country wrote us a sweet email after Maggie Grace passed away and sent me beautiful flowers on the two year anniversary of my mom passing away!  Then JC and I have a few amazing couple friends; Britta and Paul who live in Chicago right now, Dan and Elisa who live in Iowa, and Jake and Kristen who live in California. These couples have supported us from afar and when they were able came to visit us, JC and I are so very thankful for these couples and who they are in our lives! So if I had someone else's life I would not have these incredible friends and I wouldn't know what it felt like to be so loved and supported!
JC and I with Jake and Kristen on their wedding day! 

So as I look at my life, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have had a few major bumps in the road but God has given me the people in my life that I have needed to get through them! I thank God for these people and even for the crummy things that have happened in my life because they have shaped who I am today and have brought me right to this place where I am now! Now I just need to trust in him and in the plans he has for the rest of my life, which is always easier said then done!


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  1. I must have missed this one before! You're the best sister and the most beautiful and loving wife for my brother! I love you, Bee!!!