Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hello June!

Well another month has come and gone, time sure does fly by! This month I am looking forward to a few things, but most of all spending quality time with my hubby!

1. Going to Duluth for a few days with my love!
2. Enjoying the sunshine and soaking up as much of it as I can!
3. Going home for a week to visit my family!
4. Seeing one of my best friends get married!
5. Spending time with Dani and Tammy, two of my favorite people! :)
6. Celebrating Clay turning 6 years old!
7. Going to summer teen events!
8. Spending time with my daddy and Mary!
9. Enjoying time with my God every morning!
10. Not stressing about the little things and learning to live in the moment!

You may notice that trying for a baby is not on this list, JC and I decided to take a break from trying for a few months. I know that I am truly trying to trust God with this matter and know that his reasoning and timing is always perfect! I am hoping that I feel better by the morning, I've been fighting a cold for a couple of days now! JC and I are taking off tomorrow for Duluth and coming back Tuesday, this is a much needed husband and wife trip that we have both been looking forward to! I hope you all enjoy the weekend and soak up some sun!


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  1. I love the things your excited for!!! I'm excited for some of them too.... AND I hope your trip was awesome... you guys deserve a husband and wife trip! Love you