Thursday, July 19, 2012

You are the Potter and I am the Clay

Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We are all formed by your hands. Isaiah 64:8

Yesterday my devotional was on being the clay and being formed by God. I think this is such a neat illustration of what our life is like if we fully give our life to God. He molds us into what he sees as beautiful and worthwhile, so it's important for us to get out of our own way and allow the Potter's hands to do his work.

This is something that I am working on every single day. It is so easy to just say that I give it all up to God, but really it's our human nature that wants to take control of our lives. If it was up to me Maggie Grace would be alive right now and I would have my beautiful six month old baby girl with me... God has and still is using her short life as part of him molding both JC and I. And if it was up to me I would be pregnant right now waiting for our new miracle to be born... but God is using this time to mold me and to add to our story. My prayer continues to be for God to use our life story to touch people and to see God using it to further his kingdom. If it wasn't so evident that he is using our story and our hurts for the good of his kingdom I think it would make everything we have gone through much harder. Every single day it is evident to me that God is working and molding me and I am so thankful for it!

So everyday I want to constantly remind myself that I am clay and that God is molding me and creating something wonderful out of my life. The prayer that follows is the one in my devotional:

Potter, I give you this lump of clay called my life. Use whatever pressure is needed to shape me into something of great worth in your sight, something of beauty in your estimation, something fit for displaying your glory! Amen!

Well in other news, I have been keeping busy working this week and hanging out with my new friend Paige! She has kept me company and went with me on my Target trip, I have so much fun with her!! So this week has actually gone by pretty fast, but I can't wait for JC to come home on Saturday I have missed him so much! And with locking myself out of the house yesterday morning while I was still in my pajamas and almost breaking my neck by climbing through the window, and Zeke going poop in the house ( I think he was rebelling because Daddy is gone) and him chewing on a roll of toilet paper I am defiantly ready for JC to come home and help me with the pups! Tonight I'm going to get my hair cut and then hanging out with my friend Laura, and tomorrow I have a dinner & movie date with one of the youth coaches JC works with Debbie! So I'm pretty sure the last 2 days without him home will go by fast! Hope you have had a blessed week!


Me bored at work! 

Paige and I did our nails!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! 

Beautiful sunset driving home from Target! 

Little trouble maker! 

Yesterday was a pink and white kinda day! 

My new and first pair of converse tennis shoes! I love them!
Got them for $10 at Target.... GREAT deal! 

Paige and I made a Banana split tart for dessert last night!

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