Thursday, August 9, 2012

In the Stillness

Stillness, that is not something that happens very often in our house lately and when it does I soak up as much of it as I can. In the stillness is when I feel closest to God, when I feel most connected to him & that is when I feel he can hear me the best! In our world today there is not much stillness, with cell phones being attached to us, schedules to be kept, errands to run, day to day life I find to be pretty hectic. I am so guilty of constantly checking my phone looking at Facebook, or instagram... I feel like our world has lost it's grasp on reality.

So lately I have been finding my time of stillness to be very rewarding and refreshing; I start my mornings in my devotional before I do anything else (some days I fail at this) and I like to end my nights reading a good book. I treasure these moments of stillness in my life, no distractions just time for my thoughts and time with my God. Since I have been making this a routine for myself I have been feeling so much closer to God and much more at peace with what the future holds for JC and I. With so many things hanging over our heads I feel this peace is a much needed relief from stress and worry! 

Earlier this week I had brunch with one of the ladies from church and she also works at the christian radio station in town, I always feel comfort when I listen to her talk. I was a wonderful time of fellowship and a time of us getting to know each other better. She prayed for our meal, something she said stuck with me the rest of that day and continues to stick with me as the week goes on. She just simply put it "Lord you've got this, we know that you have it all under control." This just put a smile on my face... Lord you've got this! And he so does, he has everything under control, nothing takes him by surprise and everything happens according to his will for our lives. 

What a refreshing think to think of, we don't need to stress and worry because our God has it all under control, he has our backs and will only allow things to happen in our lives that we can face with the strength he gives us! I am so thankful for a God, a Heavenly Father who loves me so much to take all my worries, stresses, and my deepest desires off my shoulders and provide for room in my life for stillness. 

My devotional for today was titled "If it be your Will" and it talked about putting our own needs and desires aside to allow God's will to be done. Two questions that stuck out in my mind were; Would you give me a willing heart to embrace your plan and your purpose? Would you mold me into an instrument that you can use to accomplish what you have in mind? Is it just me or do you struggle with giving up your own agenda for God to move in your life? This is something that I have been trying to work on in my own life and I feel like I have truly come to that place where I can say to God "you've got this, when you see it fit for JC and I to have our next baby, I trust in you and in your timing Lord. I know that your timing is best & you have our lives planned out already, our story has already been written." So I stand here today with faith in my Lord, happiness in my heart, and my soul filled with Joy in knowing that my God is in control and has only the best things planned for my life! 

May you find time in your week for stillness and time alone with your God! 

Here are some pics from Brad & Whitney's short visit up north! It was a great time with family I enjoyed every minute of being with Whitney and the kids and I know JC loved going fishing with Brad (even though he got a little sun burned!) Blessings to you for the rest of your week! 


Brad played softball for the church team!

Love this pic of Uncle JC & Ori

Will being a boy playing in the dirt! 

Ori playing in the dirt! 

Mini Rainbow, and love little surprises like this! 

JC caught his first Walleye and we ate fish for dinner that night
I love how Zeke is checking out the fish! 

God's beauty is all around!

Rest hour while Ori took a nap, the pups and Will had some down time!

My view at the beach, such a gorgeous day! 

Will playing at the beach! 

Ori playing in the water! 

Their love is priceless!
(Brad & Whitney)

The love of a parent is where it all begins! 

Fun at the Park! 

Just me! 

Made my first homemade french silk pie to celebrate Brad's
Birthday! It came out pretty good! 

Love my sister! 

My Love! 

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