Friday, August 17, 2012

Small Town, Big Heart!

International Falls, MN 

Population: 6, 424

Nicknames: Ice Box of the Nation & Frostbite Falls

Record Low: -55

Location: Located on Rainy River directly across from Ontario Canada (WAY up North!)

I remember when we first told my dad that we were looking at a job opening in International Falls, MN and his response was "do you know what they call it? The Ice Box of the Nation!" Well that is true that is one of I.Falls nicknames, but there is so much more to this sweet town then meets the eye. Sure when we first moved here and I realized there was only a Big K and the nearest Target was an hour and a half away I may have freaked out a bit... but once you've lived here for awhile you just get used to it! But is was a culture shock to say the least, growing up in a suburb and being used to things being very convenient and close by it was an adjustment! 

The longer we live here the more my heart grows fond of the city and most of all the people in this town! I was so happy to move back to a state known for being "Minnesota nice" were people are friendly and wave at you even if you don't know them! That is one thing I cherish most about MN, and didn't realize that other states are not like this until I moved away for college and then moved to the east coast. I love the sense of community here and our church family most of all, they have seen us through a lot just in this past year we have been here! 

It was right around this time last year that me moved up here, I was about six months pregnant with Maggie Grace, excited to be a stay at home mom and looking forward to what God would do in our lives! WOW! He has done so much this past year and made our marriage and our faith as a couple so much stronger! I can still remember the first Sunday we went to church and got introduced to the congregation, I remember being nervous and not know what a the role of being the youth pastor's wife looked like. 
People welcomed us in like we were family, and we received so many gifts for our precious Maggie Grace, and when she passed away we were flooded with cards, flowers, meals, and so overwhelmed by the support we were given through that difficult time. I can not say enough good things about our church family! Knowing that our time here in I.Falls could end in a few short months makes my heart sad, but both JC and I are clinging to our faith and trusting in what God has planned for our lives! We know that he will place us right where we need to be! Here are some pics of our gorgeous town! 

Rainy River at Sunset last summer! 

JC & I during our first visit last July
there's a tiny Maggie Grace in my belly! 

Beautiful Sunset!

Takes my breath away

Zeke during one of our hikes, green all around!

Our day remembering Maggie Grace

Gorgeous sky during our service in the park

Beach on Rainy River

God's beauty blooms all around! 

Cat tales 

Our new favorite hiking spot! 

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