Monday, September 10, 2012

Home Again!

Well this last few weeks have been amazing I got to spend time with two of my best friends, see the city of Chicago which I miss so much, and spend time at my family cabin in Michigan with my love and our pups! Now that I am home again for more then a day, we are getting ready for the fall kick off for youth group! Excited for fall to be here, but also realizing just how busy our year is going to be ( God willing we will be here for another full year + many more!) The day after we got home from Michigan I was busy running errands to get stuff for a craft I was doing for a spa sleep over night at the church for the youth group girls. It was a lot of fun, but I realized that day that I don't get to ease my way into fall! 

Now that fall is here I am loving the weather, and last night I baked Pumpkin spice bread with a butter cinnamon glaze ( YUMMY, we had it for breakfast this morning!) I just love everything about fall; the cool weather, the sound of leaves crunching under your feet, the fall smells of apple, cinnamon, pumpkin! 

I realize I didn't do a post for September, but here are somethings I'm looking forward to this month....

1. Going for walks in the cool fall weather
2. Going to visit Brian & Shannon in Two Harbors ( they moved there labor day weekend and its only about 3 hours away!)
3. Celebrating Ian's 8th Birthday! 
4. Youth Group kickoff 
5. My Lia Sophia party
6. Starting a small group
7. Teaching sunday school
8. Counting the days till my birthday! hehe (October 3rd)
9. Hopefully spending time with my honey even though his schedule is going to be crazy!
10. Getting our new to us kitchen table! 

Here are some pics from our trip to Michigan! We had such a great time together and talked about the future and what it may hold for us. We are still walking by Faith trusting God every step of the way! 


This is my family cabin in Michigan! My Dad helped his dad build it when he was only 14 years old!
This place holds many memories for me!

Loved soaking up the sun with my man! 

Zoey absolutely LOVED the water! 

Zeke was a little more hesitant!
(it was his first time in the water)

This is the view from the water, you can just see the A frame! 

So beautiful! 

Dad and Mary joined us for a few days and treated
us to some yummy home made ice cream! 

I love this man! 

Dad made us pose for this one, JC looks so excited! 

JC in his happy place! 

Gorgeous sunset! 

Full moon!

I thank God everyday for blessing me with this wonderful man!

7 Turkeys in the driveway! 

And I will walk by Faith, even when I can not see...

We had to buy Zeke a new collar & name tag
because he lost his in the water! 

I kicked butt in Yahtzee beating Dad, Mary & JC
I think my total score was 377 (I got 2 Yahtzees!)

JC getting some shooting practice in!

When went on a squirrel hunt.

Storm front rolling in!

Enjoyed many quite nights in front of the fire!

Three deer out front!

We made a stop at Deyoung Family Zoo, where you can
hold animals! There is just something about baby
pigs that I just love! 

JC made friend with Louis, who is a 2 year old chimp!
He kept stealing JC's hat! 

Such a sweet face! He was so smart! 


Our last day there, trying to savor every moment!

Saying good bye is such sweet sorrow! 

Car ride home, I had a cuddle buddy! In total that day we
spent about 12 hours in the car! Zeke did great on his
first long trip!! 

JC loving on miss Ryleigh! 

We stopped to visit the Thorpe's in Two Harbors at their new house!
My heart is so happy when I get to see this little girl! 

They were keeping my company while I baked yesterday!
Zeke is up to 50 pounds now! 

Wore my new Indonesian dress from my friend
Mindy to church yesterday and received many

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  1. It looks like you guys had such a wonderful time in Michigan! And the dress looks great! :-)