Thursday, September 27, 2012

Relying on my God...

Lately I have really been trying to get back to reading my devotional every day, and so far so good.... and can I just say that it's crazy how God speaks right to you on the days that you need it most! Since I started reading this devotional it has been so neat to see how the things I read in it relate to what is going on in my life at the time. I have been truly blessed by having this devotional to read & by the words of wisdom it is full of! 

The Lord is a shelter for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O Lord, have never abandoned anyone who searches for you. Psalm 9:9-10

This is the passage for this week to meditate on, and as I read over it a few times I realized that these words are so true in my life. Even when I have been in pain and surrounded by sadness, I know that God never left my side during these times I am sure he carried me! These days I know that relying on my God is what I have to get through the tough days when my eyes are full of tears and my heart is sad. I just had one of these days the other day and I am so thankful to have a God that is so loving and a God that comforts!

This week seems to have flown by, I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday! I was hoping to spend time with my honey today, but he has been so busy with meetings and he is at worship practice right now for Sunday. Tomorrow will be our night in with each other which I am excited for, we have had a lot going on lately that it will be good to stay in watch a movie and cuddle! Those are the moments that I truly treasure most with him, when he gets home tonight we will be watching the season premiere of Gray's Anatomy... I'm SO pumped!! This weekend I will be cleaning, straightening upstairs, crafting, and baking some banana bread! We have a guest coming to visit us from New England for a few days, so I am loving decorating one of our guest rooms upstairs so that it feels welcome and warm for her! I just joined Pinterest this week (something I said I would never do) and I am loving it, such a great place to get recipes, craft ideas, and ideas for our future babies! 

I am looking forward to October and all it has in store for us, we were talking about October today and seems as though all our weekends are taken up by visitors, a trip to dad's house,and a retreat with the teens. So I am sure that it will fly by, and did I mention my Birthday is next Wednesday?! Ha sorry I just love Birthdays and feeling special on that day, I also love making other people feel special on their Birthdays!!Tomorrow I am going over to my friend Laura's house to order jewelry and spend some time with her, I love going to her house and spending time with her and her adorable daughters! I hope you have had a great week, mine was full of ups and downs! Blessings on your weekend!! 


Sporting my new Lia Sophia necklace on Sunday! I love it!! 

My sweet pups!

Crying tears over missing my mama SO much!

On our hike on Monday

I spy with my little eye... some red leaves! I love this season!! 

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