Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello October!

Well hello October, you are a month that I love and look forward to all year long. I wait for you with anticipation for your pumpkin spice lattes, fall colors, cool fall weather, and my birthday!! Here are somethings that I am looking forward to this month...

1.) My Birthday
2.) Getting a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks
3.) Going to Bemidji for a day trip with my hubby for my Birthday
4.) Having Shannon and the kids visit!
5.) Going to visit daddy & Mary
6.) Going for fall hikes with my love and our pups! 
7.) The smells of fall/ baking apple crisp!
8.) Painting/ carving pumpkins for Halloween
9.) Doing Trunk or Treat at church for Halloween
10.) Starting our own small group

*Hoping and praying for a baby soon! 

Absolutely loving the weather and this season! Trying to soak up the great weather before it quickly fades into the negatives! This week is busy with JC's friend visiting until Tuesday and then Shannon and the kids come on Friday and we are also starting our small group on Tuesday night, I have release time Wednesday morning and youth group that night along with a lunch date (and it's my birthday!) so this week is going to fly by! I am hoping that we can fit in our day trip to Bemidji on Thursday and do a little shopping while we are there! Here are a few fun pics I have taken lately! Blessings on your week!


Yellow Leaves!

Just Me

Zeke cuddling with me on the couch

My pretty Zoey girl with the Fall colors!

Zekey boy!

Beautiful Fall colors!

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