Monday, October 15, 2012


Most people hate Mondays because it marks the beginning of the work week, well in the Barber household it marks a day off to spend together. See when you are married to a pastor, you as a family don't really get weekends off because that is when a pastor does most of his work! Now in general I think a pastor is always on call, to be there for the people in the congregation. For example JC praying in the ER waiting room for a family in the church only a couple of days after we lost Maggie Grace and while we were still in the hospital! 

Any way off my little tangent there... Mondays are days that I always look forward to because we sleep in, spend the entire day together un interrupted (most of the time) by work stuff. Monday is that day that we take to recoup from the week and plan our up coming week... and man is this week busy; we have a staff lunch tomorrow and small group tomorrow night, Wednesday I have release time in the morning, We are doing teens (for the first half) at the football game and then having teens go until about 11pm. On Thursday we pack up the fifteen passenger van and head to Blue Water Bible Camp for the fall retreat! I am excited to go to Blue Water because I have never been and I have only heard good things about it and how beautiful it is! Needless to say when we get back from the retreat on Saturday we will need to recuperate, and we will both be looking forward to Monday!! 

Today's mission is to relax,spend quality time together & I need to figure out what I am going to bake for small group tomorrow night!! I hope you all have a blessed Monday! 

P.S. I apologize for all the pics of our pups, but they're our kids... so until we have a baby to take tons of pictures of they are what I have to take pics of!! :) 


Beautiful Daisies ( my favorite flowers) My hubby bought me! 

Some yummy treats we picked up at Trader Joe's!! 

My sweet little puppy girl on the drive home on Saturday! 

We bought Zeke a new rope toy and now they are
constantly playing tug a war! 

Zeke in his happy place with his rope toy in mouth &
looking out the window! 

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