Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hello Baby Bump!

Over the last two weeks I feel like my belly has really popped! Making the reality that there really is another baby growing in my belly even more evident to me, it's getting hard to be comfortable while sleeping with this growing bump! I could not be happier to be sporting a bump for the second time & thankful it's not as big as it was last Christmas... it will make decorating the Christmas tree and baking Christmas cookies a lot easier! I only have roughly 1 week left of my first trimester, which I am thankful for and hoping that I will have a little more energy during my second trimester! 

In other news, I have been extremely blessed and thankful to have JC home and off of work the last few days! It's been great waking up with him everyday and spending all day together and just living life at a slow and relaxed pace. We went black friday shopping yesterday.. for the dogs, we got Zeke a new big bed and he spent last night sleeping on his bed and not in his kennel! He continues to impress us with his good behavior for only being about 9 months old. Thanksgiving night we got our first real snowfall and more fell today, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I wanted to set up our tree this week, but JC is a strict believer in not decorating for Christmas until December... so I guess I will have to wait! JC's dad bought his plane tickets to fly out here for Christmas, so that's exciting! We haven't seen him in about a year since NH is a ways away! 

This week we'll be back to our busy schedule, I'm excited to go to a Christmas cookie decorating party on Tuesday! JC and I are going to make homemade cinnamon rolls for Monday morning, I'm excited to make them! I have wanted to make them for awhile but they always seem to intimidate me, but today JC said that he's made them before and would be happy to make them with me! I love when we are both in the kitchen making food together! I hope you have all had a fabulous holiday weekend and that your week is full of fun moments! 


Us super excited for Twilight! 

JC was gone a lot this day & the babies missed him! 

Happy Birthday to my love! 25 has never looked better! 

He has always wanted a flannel shirt, so he got one from
me for his Birthday! 

I could look at her sweet face all the time! 

Zeke coming in from all the snow yesterday! 

Even around the Falls it's starting to look like Christmas! 

Our little/ not so little boy on his new bed! 

The growth of my belly, hoping to get a belly pic once a month! 

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  1. you look great Bee! hope Zeke likes his "big boy bed" :)