Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hello April!

March was a good month, a month of new experiences and getting adjusted to our new life here in FL! Most days I still can't believe that we live in the sunny state of Florida, we feel extremely blessed to be here and to see God's work both at the church and in our personal lives! March was also the month that I made the choice to get working out again and to eat healthy! I feel more energetic and stronger then I ever have before! So I am excited to see what April will bring and the other things I can achieve within this month! Here are a few things I am looking forward to this month...

~ Spending quality time with my love
~ Going on retreats & getting away
~ Having beach days & soaking up the sun!
~ Eating Healthy
~ Starting my new Zumba work out
~ Working on my couch to 5k program
~ Painting my nails more
~ Doing more crafts
~ Painting our bedroom
~ Doing my daily devotionals!

This little boy has been extra cuddly lately & I don't
mind it a bit!! 

STOPing to enjoy the view on our walk the other night!
Still getting used to seeing palm trees everywhere!! 

Easter Sunday with my Love!! 

WIth our sweet friends Myranda & Matt!
Such a blessing to us! 

Crazy to think we got this boy the day before Easter
last year! My how he has changed! 

Easter Lunch at Pastor Carl & Miss. Marsha's house! 

My sweet Zoey girl! 

My final cake from my level 1 decorating class!!
I think it came out ok! 

Yay! I graduated last night! I'll start level 2 in May! 


  1. love the palm trees, the Easter photo, and your cake!

  2. Melissa McMillianApril 4, 2013 at 8:26 PM

    Agreed. Love the Easter dress and the cake looks beautiful and delicious!