Monday, May 6, 2013

God of Forgiveness.

God is a God of Forgiveness. No matter how many times you or I miss up in our life time, he is always there to forgive. Not only that but he is there to pick up the pieces when we are broken about our sin and piece us back together into something more beautiful then before.If there is one thing I have learned from all my trials in life is that there is always a lesson God is teaching you through those times. So whether your struggle or trial is due to a sin you have committed or just part of your story learn from it, ask for forgiveness and know that we serve a God of Forgiveness... one that always has your back! Lean into that forgiveness and find strength and comfort in it. I pray that you will always know that God has your back and that God will bring you through any rough patch you may be going through... believe me I'm living proof! And you know what?! I've come out the other side a new and better person every time, God is never done teaching! 


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