Friday, May 31, 2013

Our Story.

Ok.So I know I haven't been great about writing everyday... I managed to squeeze out 20 posts of thankfulness this month, which I think is pretty good! Today as I reflect I am thankful for our story, even though it is full of hurts and a lot of healing time I am thankful! I am thankful that we can use it to reach people and to bring more people to know Christ and to know what being healed through him is like! Many times when we share our story with people, I feel like it's such a depressing story... and then I remember that it's not done! Our story is still being written and I know that God has great things in store for us, it's just the waiting part that is the hardest! Walking this path together over the past (almost 3 years) of marriage has brought JC and I closer together then I ever thought possible! I am also thankful for that and can see how God was using all the situations we've been through to make us that much stronger! So today I am thankful for our story and where it has brought us and where it will lead us! 

In other news I can't believe tomorrow is June 1st! Where did May go? I'm not complaining though because next Monday we leave for NH for Cassie's (JC's twin sister) wedding and I am SO excited to spend time withe her and JC's family who I have missed a lot since we moved away two years ago! I'm thinking June is going to fly by with a week in NH and a week at camp and I may not have time to blog much, so hang in there with me! I hope you all have a blessed weekend! 


Day:26 Water (personally my drink of choice 24/7)

Day:27 Emotion, excited for my final cake decorating class of level 2!

Day:28 Out the Window

Day:29 Calm... I am most calm & relaxed when I'm doing something

Day:30 Can't do without... Where my strength comes from!

Day:31 First thing in the morning... Devo Time! 

Because of an unfortunate event I had to buy a new comforter for our bed!
I love it and thankful it matches perfectly with our new paint job!! 

Last Sunday we went to a park to play frisbee golf with the teens,
it was a blast and a "lovely" day to be outside!! 

Proud of my final cake for my level 2 class! 

On the way home from Target today, Zeke didn't like the bags...
so he had to keep an eye on them! Silly boy! 

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