Friday, June 21, 2013

NH Love!

Last week JC and I were in NH for Cassie's (JC's twin sisters) wedding, it was wonderful to be back in NH and spend time with family! It was great seeing friends we hadn't seen in awhile and I even met some of JC's high school friends I hadn't met before. 
I would have to say my favorite person to see was Cameron, our sweet, adorable, and smart little nephew... we had not seen him since before he turned one! When we first saw him, he said "so nice to see you guys!" such a sweet boy full of love!! Spending time with Cassie, catching up, and watching the Bachelorette together was great sister/girl time!
It was great seeing JC's family and catching up with them. All week it was rainy as we prepared for the wedding but the night of the rehearsal the skies cleared up and the weather was beautiful for the wedding day! It was a great and fun wedding to be a part of and both JC and I felt honored to be part of this special day for Cassie and Shawn! Hope you enjoy these pics!


JC with his buddy Cam! 

Nothing but net!

So sweet! Cuddle time! 

Love this boy! 

We made Cam an awesome fort in his room! 

Sister time! 

This kid sure loves his sports! Just like his
mommy & daddy!  

Almost time for the chapel! 

Heading to the chapel! 

Getting her beautiful dress on! 

My beautiful Mother & sister in law! 

My love and I!

The guys showing off their socks!

Love her! 

Twin love! I love this picture of them!! 

Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Cyr! 

Watching Mom and Dad dance with Grandpa! 

Jc with one of his best buds form high school, Pat! 

Father and Son!

The men!

Jc with his Meme! 

Beautiful Lake Swanzey! Miss living on this lake! 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hello June!

Well May has come and gone... so excited for June to be here!! Here are a few things I am looking forward to this month...

* Driving to Orlando for the first time with my love this week!
* Flying to NH for a very special wedding!
* Spending time with my SIL Cassie & my nephew Cam!
* Spending time with JC's family in NH.
* Being back at camp where we first lived after we got married.
* Going to Lake Swan Camp for a week & seeing kids lives changed!
* Going on walks with the pups!
* Hopefully trying some new cupcake recipes.
* Eating as much watermelon as I can. 
* Setting goals for myself & staying on track spiritually. 

I hope you have somethings to look forward to this month as well, and that you get outside and enjoy the weather!