Saturday, July 13, 2013

Insta Pics!

July is flying by like crazy! Here are some pics to catch you up on the last week of our lives! 


Day 3: Cold... A little Frozen Yogurt on a hot day!

Went to see Despicable Me 2... so cute and funny!

Day 4: Red, White, and a little Blue! 

Day 5: Love, I know it's not a pic of JC and I...
but Zeke is one of the loves in my life!

I got a surprise FaceTime call from some of my favorite
kidos! Absolutely made my day!!

Day: 6 Fave Smell

Day:7 Where you are... on vacation in the Florida Keys

Loved having some beach time! 

Day: 8 Path, a beach was the closest I got to one that day!

Out to dinner with my love! 

Day: 9... 3 things, some souvenirs I got on vacation!

Came across this quote and really loved it! 

Day: 12  A Bad Habit... these are so not healthy, but
there sure are tasty!! 

Day:13 4' O'Clock... Waking up from my nap
with my favorite puppy girl! 

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  1. fun photos! looks like you guys had a really nice vacation in the Florida Keys!!