Thursday, August 1, 2013

Where did July go?

Day:27 Black + White... our cute little house
(some how this got out of order!)
Where did the month of July go? That month seemed to go by faster then June! I didn't get a chance to post the rest of my July photo a day... so here they are! Enjoy!

Day:14 Edible... one of my fav snacks apple &
peanut butter! 

Day:15 Outside the window... it was a rainy day!

Day: 16 Bottle... love this flavored water from Target! 

Day:17 Inspirational... my second time reading this book,
if you haven't read it... you should!

Day: 18 Number... the number 8 has become a
well known number in our family.

Day:19 Building... the Lord's house!

Before leading worship with my love one Sunday,
this is become one of my favorite things to do! 

My little love bugs, I love morning cuddles in bed
with these two furry faces!! 

Celebrating our Anniversary! 

Day:20 Hot... homemade corn chowder! Yum!

Day:21 Fave food... anything sweet and I'm usually
on board!

Day: 22 Grey, I decided to wear this shirt and that same
day the new little prince was born! 

Day: 24 D is for... Diamond. This diamond is so
special to me because it was my Mama's! 

Anniversary dinner! SO yummy and SO filling,
and then we went to a movie after! 

Pretty anniversary roses! 

Day:26 The Everyday... taking naps with my sweet
puppy girl! I mean look at that sweet face!! 

Day:28 This is new! My new Lia Sophia necklace that
I love!! 

Day:29 Perspective... bubbles! 

Day:30 Friendship! My bestie Rebecca who lives in Chicago,
she has been there through all the ups
and downs! 

Day:31 Workspace. Since I am a stay at home
wife I spend a lot of my time in my favorite chair
in God's word... with my fur babies near by! 

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