Monday, September 23, 2013

24 weeks + Life as of Lately

Well we are at the 24 week (6 month) mark and I am feeling all that much pregnant, but feeling good! We had a doctor appointment today and the doctor said the baby is growing beautifully, it's always reassuring hearing that sweet little heartbeat every time! She is getting bigger and her kicks are become stronger, JC has been able to feel her kick once! 
At this point she is a little over a pound and about a foot long, around the size of an ear of corn. My blood pressure is still good (PTL) and in two weeks I will be going in for my glucose test to see if I have gestational diabetes. Praying that I don't have that this time around (I had GD with Maggie) I can deal with changing my diet but poking my finger 3 to 4 times a day for over two months gets old & expensive! I'm thinking I won't have it this time because this pregnancy has been so different from the others, but prayers are always welcomed! 
On the life front of things, we have been very busy getting ministry stuff kicked off and working on the Teen room, giving them a place to call their own! We went to Ft. Myers last week for three days for the Christian & Missionary Alliance district conference. It was good to get away and be surrounded by other people in ministry who are also passionate about reaching young people! Knowing that our time as just JC and I will be coming to an end it is nice for us to spend time with just the two of us! 
We have started to read a Psalm a night to our little girl at bed time and praying for her every night and that she grows up with a heart that seeks after God! I made a canvas for her room & one for one of my best friends little girl that was just born on Friday! I'm finding that doing crafts are a great stress reliever for me, and I truly enjoy making things for other people! I'm hoping to get a sewing machine soon, so I can start making things for her crib/ her room. 
Here are some pics to catch you up on our life this past month! Blessings on your week my friends!! 


Cuddle/ nap time with my baby boy! 

Pretty fall flowers! 

Canvas I did for my Friend's little girl,
love how this came out! 

Canvas for baby B's room! 

Baby girl's first swim suit!

Was asked for a new belly pic a couple weeks ago! 

Baked banana cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese
frosting for the teens, they loved them! 

A taste of our little get away!

So thankful for a husband who is truly my best friend, love of my life
and takes such good care of me especially when I'm pregnant!!

Being a former ballerina myself, I couldn't
pass up this sweet outfit for our little girl! 

My sweet Zoey girl, just love her sweet face! 

Hit 24 weeks on Saturday &  celebrated by going to
a country concert with my bff!
Trying to dress cute when you're prego can be a challenge...

Love this lady SO much! 

We got to see Deirks Bentley & Miranda Lambert, great show,
wonderful company, & of course great country music! 


  1. Banana Cupcake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting recipe
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    3 large eggs
    2 teaspoons vanilla extract
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