Monday, October 28, 2013


Well today went a lot different that I had planned, with a trip to the hospital for a non stress test on baby B. She seemed to be moving less then usually, great news was that they found her heartbeat right away, she passed her test with flying colors and everything is fine with her! We also got to hear her have hiccups on the monitor right before the nurse took them off, it was pretty cute!  Praise the Lord that she is fine!!! I received a call from the OB specialist before we went to the hospital telling me that I do in fact have gestational diabetes and I have a mild case of preeclampsia…. this news hit me hard! 
The tears began to fall and the worries about our baby became overwhelming. I don't know much about preeclampsia, but I know that it can be dangerous for both the baby and I. So there are many high risks that that go with preeclampsia. I'm just trying not to focus on the really scary possibilities, and just focus on staying relaxed, calm and keeping her in the oven for as long as possible! After seeing my doctor today he ordered me to go on bed rest, so I'm limited on what I can do now. But he did say that I can still go on walks with JC and the pups, he doesn't want me to just lay there I need to get up and move and get my circulation going. I'm fine with that, I will do anything I can to make sure we bring this baby girl home! Just praying now that we can keep my blood pressure low at least until December rolls around… we don't want her coming out too early! 
Just need less to say today was a very overwhelming day overall. SO thankful that our baby is ok, I had a feeling going to the hospital today that she was going to be fine and that we would be released… thank goodness that was the case today. I would give anything to just have a normal pregnancy… I knew this one was going too smoothly! We have an appointment with the OB specialist on Thursday to discuss how to monitor both the gestational and the preeclampsia together. Really wish we didn't have to head back there, but thankful there is a specialist for us to see. 
The Devil has really been trying to get into my head over the last week, it was so overwhelming the other night that I went to bed crying because the baby wasn't moving as much. I just took a deep breath and prayed that the Lord would shelter me from the Devil and for the baby to move. Shortly after laying down, the baby started squirming around! I have an overwhelming feeling that we will be bringing this baby home… just not too excited about the possibility of her coming super early and the possibility of her having to stay at the hospital. Just praying that she keeps growing strong and healthy, so that when she does come out that she is healthy! 
With all of our stuff going on today, my heart wishes we could be in NH with our nephew Cameron. Cameron was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was a baby and has since continued to have seizures, he is now three years old. He will be going into brain surgery on Wednesday where they will be removing three sections of his brain in hopes to cure his seizures. There is a 50/50 chance that the surgery will be a success. So I just ask you, my friends to please keep Cameron and his parents Cassie and Shawn in your prayers this week as they face this surgery. 
At the end of today, I am thankful for a healthy baby and for a strong husband who yet again stood by my side again today while we faced the unknown with yet another one of our sweet babes! I am thankful for good doctors and for a God who I know has my back and will bring this baby into the world when he sees fit! So that's my update on Baby B and I! I hope your Monday was less stressful then ours… blessings on your week my friends! 

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  1. Will continue lifting you, JC, and baby before HIS throne!!