Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October!

October is my favorite month for many reasons, it's the beginning of the fall season, this means changing of wardrobe to scarfs & boots, and it's my Birthday month! Here are somethings I'm looking forward to this October!
xoxo Bee

*Celebrating my Birthday on Friday with my love
*A lot of my close friends Birthdays are this month & my SIL Whitney's
*Another October Birthday being added this year... my niece will make her arrival this month!!
*Going on a fall retreat with the teens & women ministry
*Making my own little Halloween costume that suits my growing belly!
*Our doctor appointment at the end of the moth to check on little miss
*Doing Trunk or Treat at church for Halloween!
*Registering for Baby B
*Working on craft projects for Baby B's room
*Enjoying time with my love!

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