Thursday, October 17, 2013

Moving Forward.

As we prepared to make our move from MN to FL in February this year, we had to make some tough calls with what to do with all of the baby stuff/ Maggie's things. Knowing that I wanted to get pregnant again but not anytime soon, we decided to donate almost all of her things to a church in International Falls that brings things to an Indian tribe in Canada that are very limited in the things they can afford/ have access to. They were very thankful and we felt good donating her things to people who are truly in need. As I saw all the things again that people bought her, I was overcome by how much people had love and still love our little girl that we were unable to meet. 
I find it to be such a fine line to hold on to her memory and letting go at the same time. The things we kept will remind us of our first born baby and it will be a way for her to live on. We gave the nursery to Brad & Whitney who are expecting their little girl any day now (this furniture was given to us by Brian & Shannon) so we were happy to keep it in the family. We have a few more things at my dad's house and hopefully we will eventually get them down here, but for the most part we registered for all new things at Target & on Amazon (I found a number of things to be cheaper on Amazon then other stores!) .
I want her nursery to be her own, that being said I don't mind there being a few things in her room that were in Maggie's. Her nursery scheme is different then Maggie's was and will have a different feel to it. We have a few names in mind, but are keeping them secret and won't be naming her until we meet her. We decided to do this because last time everyone knew Maggie's name and I wanted to make this experience different. When you have gone through an entire pregnancy and lose the baby at the very end, you tend to rethink how you approached things and want to things differently. We'll have her room ready for her to come home to, but not as early as we did with Maggie. I just can't go that long having the room sit there waiting for her like we did with Maggie.
As the time goes on and meeting this baby girl gets closer & closer I am constantly reminded of how different this pregnancy is and how different this baby is even in the womb. I can tell she has a different personality than Maggie, even without meeting her yet! Funny how well you get to know your baby in the womb, before they even enter this world! 
My first one hour glucose test came back high, so I need to take the three hour test next week... so I'm betting that I have gestational diabetes again with this pregnancy. The plus side is that I know how to manage it, the down side is how expensive it is and how much work it is! I continue to trust God with this pregnancy and this baby and know that he will provide what we need and he will take care of us! Hard to believe we are half way through October and I am almost in the third trimester! Praise God for an easy pregnancy thus far! Here are some pics from the last few weeks, hope you are all having a great week and that you have a blessed weekend!! 


Desiring to have a daily hungry for God's word! 

Happy Boy with his big rope toy!

My BFF Myranda & I on my Birthday! 

Out to dinner with my love for my Birthday! 

Thankful for my sweet baby girl! 

Carrot Cake Cupcake with cheese cream frosting!
Love fall baking! 

Zoey is pumped about the Red Sox being in the play offs! 

Groovy Glasses Night last night at AWANA! 

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  1. bless you all in this walk. You are making good choices, looking out for your emotional and spiritual health as well as physical.