Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Heart Full of Thank Fullness!

This week has been one that has filled my heart with thank fullness for many reasons! The main ones being that baby girl had her first Bio Physical Profile (an ultrasound to check on things like; amniotic fluid, placenta, baby's size, etc.) and passed it with flying colors 8/8!! On Thursday she was breech, so that was the only thing that was a little bit of a bummer. Well yesterday we went to the OB specialist and had another ultrasound and she had flipped! The specialist also said that my blood sugar levels seem good and I only need to prick my finger every 2 to 3 days and just fax them to him, so I shouldn't need to go back to the specialist for the rest of my pregnancy!! Walking out of the doctor's office yesterday I felt I great sense of relief and God's peace, which was such a nice feeling!! So for all the good reports this week we are defiantly praising the Lord and feeling extremely blessed! 
Some other reasons I am thankful this week are; we found out on Tuesday that  our medical deductible is all paid in full now (so nice because this had been a source of stress for us!) so now we are praying that baby girl comes before the new year so we don't have to start paying that all over again! Also thankful for our sweet church family, a handful of them are in the baby's room right now painting her room! So thankful for people with giving and loving hearts, like these people! 
So looking forward, the doctor said that we could be very well having the c section at 37 weeks which just happens to fall on Christmas week!! Honestly I don't care if we would end up spending Christmas in the hospital as long as I am holding my healthy & happy baby girl!! Which means that we may only have 5 weeks left until we meet her!! I am getting excited for her baby shower which is next Sunday hosted by our loving church family! I'm excited to be getting her room and things settled… funny part was that I wanted to hold off on doing stuff in her room until closer to the due date. However now that I'm on bed rest I'm going to have to rely on help from other people and maybe do some of the stuff after she arrives! 
I hope that your week was full of blessings and that your weekend is a great one my friends!! 


Our pretty baby girl! She looks a lot like her sister! 

Our little thumb sucker! 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day by Day

Well as I sit here on the couch I am at 31 weeks and 1 day pregnant and about a week and a half into my bed rest. I have to admit its not my favorite thing, but I have to take it easy to keep my blood pressure low. I have noticed that if I push myself and do too much I get lightheaded. So on the bed rest side of things I'm doing my best to take it easy, lay a lot on the couch and trying to keep myself occupied! Red box and Netflix have become two of my best friends during this time! On the gestational diabetes side of things I have come to find that it doesn't seem to be nearly as touchy as it was with Maggie. I am able to eat more and things that would normally spike my blood sugar level, seem to not this time around. It will be interesting to see what the OB specialist has to say about my numbers on Friday at our next appointment. At that appointment we will be able to see our sweet girl again on an ultrasound! They will be checking to make sure that she is not a "big" or "fat" baby… this is usually the main concern with gestational diabetes is a big baby. I pretty sure that she will be measuring right where she should be, considering her sister was a week over due and weighed 7 lbs & 8.2 oz when she was born! 
Dealing with the bed rest this time around seems to make the time go slow and fast at the same time, if that makes sense! I tend to forget what day it is considering I pretty much so the same thing everyday… lay on the couch, eat, prick my finger & repeat! I had a bit of a melt down the other night and JC and I had a really good conversation that calmed me down. JC said that we need to just take it day by day for the rest of the pregnancy… so that is how I am trying to approach each day! 
My next OB appointment is on Tuesday and I just want to talk to my doctor a little bit more about preeclampsia and really just be informed about what it is and what complications can occur. As much as I want the baby to go full term, it sure would be nice for us to have her for Christmas this year! Considering we have spent the last two Christmas's in anticipation of a baby. We continue to lean on God and trust that he will bless us with a healthy baby at the end of all this! 
Here are some pics of life lately, including one of my sweet new niece 
(born on October 25) Callie Anne Elizabeth!! Blessings on your week my friends! 

This pic was taken the day before I found out
about my complications! 

My sweet niece Callie Anne!

I did fun candy corn nails for halloween! 

Cam's surgery went great & the doctors are pretty confident
that he will be seizure free from now on!
Thank you to all of you who prayed for him!! 

My belly was my costume this year! I got this cute idea
off of  Pinterest! 

My love and I! 

Read this verse on a day that I really needed this reminder! 

My life for the next 8 weeks, pricking my finger 4x a day! 

Somedays I feel like I need to be rescued.. don't you?

My sweet girl, love this face! 

30 week baby bump! 

Can't wait for our 2 fur babies to meet our little girl! 

I don't know why but I feel like reaching 30 weeks
is a big milestone! 

Seems crazy to think this is our cool weather right now!!
Back home in MN they already have snow! 

One of our sweet students from I.Falls made this adorable
hat and headband for our baby!! Love them! 

Getting back to journaling old school… it's been too long
and felt so good to get my thoughts out on paper! 

Took this today, my usually state now, glasses and minimal
makeup! Had to order more maternity clothes, because I was
starting to grow out of some of the ones I have!