Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Heart Full of Thank Fullness!

This week has been one that has filled my heart with thank fullness for many reasons! The main ones being that baby girl had her first Bio Physical Profile (an ultrasound to check on things like; amniotic fluid, placenta, baby's size, etc.) and passed it with flying colors 8/8!! On Thursday she was breech, so that was the only thing that was a little bit of a bummer. Well yesterday we went to the OB specialist and had another ultrasound and she had flipped! The specialist also said that my blood sugar levels seem good and I only need to prick my finger every 2 to 3 days and just fax them to him, so I shouldn't need to go back to the specialist for the rest of my pregnancy!! Walking out of the doctor's office yesterday I felt I great sense of relief and God's peace, which was such a nice feeling!! So for all the good reports this week we are defiantly praising the Lord and feeling extremely blessed! 
Some other reasons I am thankful this week are; we found out on Tuesday that  our medical deductible is all paid in full now (so nice because this had been a source of stress for us!) so now we are praying that baby girl comes before the new year so we don't have to start paying that all over again! Also thankful for our sweet church family, a handful of them are in the baby's room right now painting her room! So thankful for people with giving and loving hearts, like these people! 
So looking forward, the doctor said that we could be very well having the c section at 37 weeks which just happens to fall on Christmas week!! Honestly I don't care if we would end up spending Christmas in the hospital as long as I am holding my healthy & happy baby girl!! Which means that we may only have 5 weeks left until we meet her!! I am getting excited for her baby shower which is next Sunday hosted by our loving church family! I'm excited to be getting her room and things settled… funny part was that I wanted to hold off on doing stuff in her room until closer to the due date. However now that I'm on bed rest I'm going to have to rely on help from other people and maybe do some of the stuff after she arrives! 
I hope that your week was full of blessings and that your weekend is a great one my friends!! 


Our pretty baby girl! She looks a lot like her sister! 

Our little thumb sucker! 

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