Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our Kylie girl is ONE!

This post is way past due, but I had some technical difficulties getting the pictures down loaded on my computer. Our baby girl is ONE, I can not believe how fast this year has gone by and how much our girl has changed and learned! She truly does fill our lives with SO much JOY! 
When she was born she was:

weight: 6 lbs 3 oz
length: 18.5 inches

At 1 year she is:
weight: 18.5 lbs
length: 28 inches

She loves:
to clap, dance,
say "hi" and wave, giving her 
stuffed animals & baby dolls hugs, getting kisses from Zeke, when daddy gets home from work, hanging out with mommy all day, and watching her cousin Cam play & run around! She just started getting her first tooth about a week before she turned one (a late teether like her mommy) She is working on walking, but prefers to crawl at this point... she has figured out how to get up a couple of stairs to our surprise! Over all she is a very content baby and loves to giggle and play! We are working on transitioning from formula to whole milk, which as of right now she still prefers her formula. She loves to fed herself, even though it can get pretty messy sometimes! She is very good at keeping herself occupied and playing on her own. We are excited to see how she reacts to having a new brother, but we are sure she will be a wonderful, loving sibling! Here are some pictures from her birthday party with family! Enjoy & happy new year my friends!


Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Different Season in Life.

Since moving to NH about 9 months ago life has changed for us dramatically in my eyes. As we arrived here we attended church and JC got involved with the worship band here which was great! He then started working at Noyes Volkswagen in town and we were so thankful God had provided a job! However since JC took this job, he now works 8-5 mon-fri & 8-12 on Saturdays... so you can figure out pretty quickly that we don't see much of each other especially with me working 5-9 most weeknights ( I've cut back to only two nights now!) at Walgreens. We are making ends meet and so very thankful for JC's dad, who took us in and we love that Kylie gets to see her grandpa everyday.

Our life now consists of Sunday being the only full day that we together as a family... so we have not attended church in months. Which is strange to me because ever since we have been married some part of our lives has been about ministry. So I find myself feeling a bit lost these days... all I have known the past two plus years is being a youth pastor's wife. I loved being this role in the church and the opportunity to minister to kids of all ages. So life is different, I feel a bit out of sorts, but I am working on my faith and praying that God reveals something major during this season in life.

Being blessed with another baby during this season is a wonderful gift, I feel externally blessed, yes I also feel overwhelmed at having children 16 months apart and living with JC's dad during this time. I know that God has blessed us with another baby for a very special reason and I'm so thrilled to meet this little man this spring!! On that note we received the results from the genetic testing they did on my blood and everything came back negative... so God willing we will be blessed with a perfectly healthy little man! We were relieved and thankful to hear this news!

So as time goes on in this season of life, I just pray that I will continue to keep my eyes on God and know he has only the best intentions for our life! Becoming a mommy has blessed me in ways I never thought possible and certainly puts life into perspective! Just some thought on this gloomy New England Saturday for you my friends! May this weekend be full of blessings for you!
Well we are off to get our Christmas tree when JC gets home from work... excited to share this season of advent with Kylie this year!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Secret is Out!

Well the secret is out... we are expecting another little blessing! We found out at the end of August about this surprise blessing! I surprised JC and showed him a new shirt I got for Kylie which said "big sister" on it! This pregnancy was a big surprise but none the less we have been really excited about it. As of this Tuesday I will be 20 weeks along with this baby... crazy already half way through! Pregnancy goes by much quicker when your busy chasing around a little one! 
On Friday we went to see specialist up in Lebanon (about 2 hrs away) for an ultra sound where we found out that we are having a little BOY!! We could not be more excited about this little man joining our family!! Baby is healthy, expect they did find something called "bright bowel" which could be an indication of down syndrome or cystic fibrosis (there is only a 25% chance that it could be these things, most of the time it ends up being nothing & going away by the next ultrasound) So they drew my blood to test if I'm even a carrier for CF & if the baby has down syndrome, we should find out the results in about two weeks. We will be going for another ultrasound there in about 5 weeks. We are keeping faith in God that everything will be fine and he will be born happy & healthy!! Here are some belly pics and ultrasound pics of our little man! Oh and my due date is April 14th... even though he will more than likely make his appearance earlier! 

Blessings to you my friends

Me and my babies... on my birthday! 

Baby at 11 weeks! 

Baby bump at 19 weeks & 5 days (today!)

Our handsome little man's profile! 

Hey little baby foot! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Our Trip to MN

Getting ready for her first airplane ride... she did awesome!
Kylie and I had a wonderful time in MN the last two weeks, can't believe we have already been home for almost a week now! It was so great being in my home state of Minnesota and being with my family. The time felt too short but the memories will last a lifetime! We stayed with my Dad & step Mom for a week  and snuck in a couple of visits to Brad & Whitney's and then went up north to Two Harbors and spent time with Brian and Shannon and their loving four kids!! I enjoyed being in the roll of auntie again and making them dinner, helping with homework and just spending time with them! It was so fun to watch Kylie interact with her cousins and see her explore new surroundings and new people! This trip did make me realize that she is very attached to me and I would love to find a play group to go to with her so she is exposed to other people & kids! So here are some pics from our trip, enjoy & blessings on your weekend friends!


Hanging with Grandpa! 

She loved spending time with Grandpa! 

Hello blue eyes!

She finally got to meet Gma Tam Tam! 

This lady means the absolute world to me! She has gotten me through
some of the hardest moments in my life! 

Bath time! 

Lots of toys to play with! 

Look at all that hair, maybe time for a hair cut soon?!

Love this pic of her beautiful blue eyes &long eyelashes! 

Meeting Great Grandma for the first time! 

She loved her uncle Brad! 

Auntie Whitney & cousin Callie Anne! 

Giving my sweet niece lots of love! 

Kylie got to meet {Auntie} Rebecca! She drove all the way up
from IL to meet this sweet girl! 

Smiles & PJ time with Grandma! 

Love my Ian David! 

How is my Ryleigh Grace already this big?!

Celebrated my 29h Birthday with my fam! SO great!! 

All the cousins/ Grandkids together!! 

Silly kids! 


My big bros and I! 

Getting love from great Grandma! 

Playing music with her cousin! 

Stare off with cousin Gavin! 

Cousin Clay!

Cousin Gavin

Cousin Ian {might be my favorite pic from our trip!}

Love these boys and can't believe how grown up they are! 

Kisses from Uncle Brian! 

Met & made friends with Miss. Lucy Jane! 

My lifelong friend Erica & I with our precious baby girls! 

She loved spending time with Grandpa & Grandma!