Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Different Season in Life.

Since moving to NH about 9 months ago life has changed for us dramatically in my eyes. As we arrived here we attended church and JC got involved with the worship band here which was great! He then started working at Noyes Volkswagen in town and we were so thankful God had provided a job! However since JC took this job, he now works 8-5 mon-fri & 8-12 on Saturdays... so you can figure out pretty quickly that we don't see much of each other especially with me working 5-9 most weeknights ( I've cut back to only two nights now!) at Walgreens. We are making ends meet and so very thankful for JC's dad, who took us in and we love that Kylie gets to see her grandpa everyday.

Our life now consists of Sunday being the only full day that we together as a family... so we have not attended church in months. Which is strange to me because ever since we have been married some part of our lives has been about ministry. So I find myself feeling a bit lost these days... all I have known the past two plus years is being a youth pastor's wife. I loved being this role in the church and the opportunity to minister to kids of all ages. So life is different, I feel a bit out of sorts, but I am working on my faith and praying that God reveals something major during this season in life.

Being blessed with another baby during this season is a wonderful gift, I feel externally blessed, yes I also feel overwhelmed at having children 16 months apart and living with JC's dad during this time. I know that God has blessed us with another baby for a very special reason and I'm so thrilled to meet this little man this spring!! On that note we received the results from the genetic testing they did on my blood and everything came back negative... so God willing we will be blessed with a perfectly healthy little man! We were relieved and thankful to hear this news!

So as time goes on in this season of life, I just pray that I will continue to keep my eyes on God and know he has only the best intentions for our life! Becoming a mommy has blessed me in ways I never thought possible and certainly puts life into perspective! Just some thought on this gloomy New England Saturday for you my friends! May this weekend be full of blessings for you!
Well we are off to get our Christmas tree when JC gets home from work... excited to share this season of advent with Kylie this year!


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