Tuesday, January 27, 2015

She Reads Truth.

As this new year started I was looking for a devotional that would really get me into the word and challenge my faith and they way I see God. I was suggested this website about a year a go but never really looked into it until now. I bought their study on the book of John and have really enjoyed studying the word. Nice thing about this devo is that you don't need to purchase anything you can just go straight to their website and study along with them! Just wanted to share a bit of my dev from yesterday with you;

"I have seen the lord lead me through this darkness before. I know I am filled with His spirit and His presence. He will never leave me. His spirit stirs my heart to continue into the beautiful unknown. I notice His fingers still intertwined with mine as I take one small step forward."
                                                                   ~ She Reads Truth

The women who write on the shereadstruth.com website have such a beautiful way of painting pictures with their words and relating it to the scriptures. I hope you'll check them out and be inspired like I am! Blessings on this very snowy New England day!


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