Friday, April 24, 2015

Introducing: Micah Jacob Barber

It seems unreal to me that 14 days ago our little Micah was born, how time flies when you're taking care of a newborn & a 16 month old! We made it all the way to the scheduled c section of April 10th, which was awesome but I was SO ready to be done being pregnant. 
Micah Jacob Barber
April 10th @ 11:14am
6lbs 11 oz 18.5 in
We arrived at the hospital at 6:30am that day, I was scheduled for surgery at 8:30, but there was an emergency that came in that pushed it back to 10:30. While waiting I was just trying to keep calm, after my nurse attempted twice to put an IV in I requested for another nurse to try... third times a charm! I felt like this was not a good start to this process. Before we knew it, I was meeting my surgical team and I joked with the male nurse that was going to be by my side during the process. Next thing I was on the operating table sitting as they prepared for my spinal, this process took a little longer than expect and boy was that an uncomfortable way for my little 9 month pregnant body to sit! Finally they got it in and laid be back on the table, next thing I knew JC was by my side and we were anxiously waiting to hear our son's cry! 
First time meeting mommy!
The doctor asked JC if he wanted to see his boy, so JC peeked over the blue curtain and to his surprise saw just Micah's head sticking out of my stomach... c section deliveries are not for the weak of stomach! The next thing we heard was, boy he's got a lot of hair... what a little cutie! They really had to bug him to get him to cry, I looked over to my left and saw him just chillin on the warming table relaxed as could be! My doctor told Micah "you might even give your sister a run for her money with how cute you are!" 
We were filled with joy & relief having a baby boy safely in our arms! We were missing Kylie all morning and couldn't wait for her to meet her little brother! As the days followed, Micah proved to be very stubborn when it came to eating... he dropped more than 12% of his birth weight, so we had to stay in the hospital for 4 days. He was also born tongue tied, so they did a quick procedure in my hospital room to clip it.  
We are enjoying being a family of 4, we are exhausted haha but enjoying it none the less! We enjoy watching Kylie give her brother kisses and touch his little feet! Here are some pics of the happenings over the last couple weeks! 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, blessings to you my friends!


Big sister checking him out! 

Happy family of four! 

Hello bright eyes! 

Birthday cupcake from auntie Cassie! 

Little fuzzy head! 

cuddling with daddy! 

Hey handsome Micah! 

Big Sister ready to take her little bro home! 

Happy and SO ready to be going home! 

Kisses for brother! 

A tired mommy with her two babes! 

Ready for my weight check! 

Being 10 days old is exhausting! 

Daddy's little monster! 

Big sister has adjusted well to the arrival of little brother,
but still enjoys her one on one time with mommy & daddy!