Monday, June 29, 2015

A Heavy Heart.

We have come to another cross roads in our life (can't share many details right now) we are needing to make some big decisions that will impact our lives quit a bit, so this is weighing heavily on our hearts & minds.This is more than likely involving us moving from our current home. We are in need of prayer as to where/ what we should do next, really needing God's guidance right now! As we look to our future we obviously have more than just ourselves to think about, we also need to think about our two precious blessings and how our decisions with effect them! So, I guess I'm just asking for some prayer right now, thanks friends!!


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kylie Joy {18 months}


Hard to believe that our sweet Kylie Joy is already 18 months today! She is growing into such a happy, funny, bubbly little girl! Some of Kylie's favorite things...

*Loves to sleep/ take naps
*Tomatos, pasta, cheese, eggs & chocolate!
*Playing with Daddy/ getting tickled by him!
*Sitting on Grandpa's lap.
*Cuddling with Mommy (when she sits long enough!)
*Playing with her baby doll.
*Giving Micah kisses & "holding" him.
*Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/ Doc McStuffins
*Taking baths.
*Going for car rides.

Some of the things you can find her doing during the day...

Waking up happy after a nap!

Knocking on the bathroom door, when someones in there...

Saying "PLEEEEEASE" when she wants more food!

Looking out the window! 

Mimicking Mommy and walking around holding her baby! 

Driving her car! 

Taking care of her baby! 

Stealing Mommy's Camelbak! 

Being silly & sticking her tongue out!

Taking selfies with Mommy!

Taking baths!

So blessed, thankful & grateful to be this beautiful little girl's Mommy! She was SO very much worth the wait!! We love you Kylie Joy, thank you for giving us a reason to smile & laugh everyday!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Life in B&W

I don't know what it is about black and white pictures that I love so much! Here are some recent pics that I took of the kids, enjoy! Happy Monday my friends... blessings on your week!!


Got a new phone this weekend, super excited about the picture quality!