Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I Want God.

If you are looking for a book to expand your faith & hungry for God... I have found a great one! I think I honestly bought this book last fall and I'm just getting around to really getting into it because you know, life gets busy! I saw one of the ladies I follow on Instagram post a picture of this book and I just had to have it because above anything else I want God most! I have so many parts of this book highlighted it almost looks like a coloring book & I'm only on chapter 3! So, I just thought I would share a section that I read today that really spoke to me! 

"Life with God was never meant to be a calculated risk; it was meant to be an illogical surety. Logical people are at risk of stepping in the way of the supernatural. We don't mean to- it's just that often there's a core incompatibility between what is known (tangible, flesh, earth) and the unknown (God), and when we choose logic it hinders His work. Don't misunderstand- God doesn't need us to understand to do His thing. He can work under any conditions, at any time, in any way. But whether we submit to His working is in our hands."

I Want God 
Written By: Lisa Whittle

Just something to think about. Hope you're having a fantastic Wednesday friends! 


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