Saturday, February 20, 2016

our week.

I just love watching her learn
Cant believe our boy is 10 months! 

Life is so much better when you have mommy friends to share life with! 

Our peanut the last three years on Valentines day!

Her favorite v-day present! She loves drawing! 

Thankful that I've celebrated Valentine's Day with this stud for 10 years!! 


Grandpa with his Valentine's! 

Practicing standing! He's just so teeny! 

Stayed home from work on Wednesday to take care of my sick girl, and now I'm sick! 

Kylie laid in my bed the whole 30 mins I ran on the treadmill... thats when you know a 2 year old really doesn't feel good! 

I love seeing her use her imagination everyday! 

Ran on the treadmill yesterday for 20 minutes, I was tired and sick but wanted to get the blood pumping a little! 

Friday, February 12, 2016

life at a glance.

9 months in my belly & 9 months out of my belly!

These are just little snapshots of life the last few weeks.
*Micah survived his first ear infection (and so did we!)
*I continue to run with my little cheerleaders there to keep me company
*Kylie loves one on one attention when little brother is napping in the morning
*Lately they have both been wanting to sit on my lap at the same time, adorable yes but sometimes can be quit the feet to achieve on my small lap!
*Love wearing matching fuzzy socks with my girl
*The days I have to work I try to soak up as much of them as I can before putting on my scrubs
*Can't believe our boy is 10 months old already... 8 weeks and he's not a baby anymore, TEARS!
*Got new running shoes and still trying to figure out some calf pain I experience, my focus on weight loss will come when I stop breastfeeding... but right now I'm focusing on loving my body the way it is!
*Kylie loves taking a bath with Micah and most the time doesn't try to drown him ;)
*Being a mommy is hard work, frustrating, and defiantly tiresome... but I wouldn't have my life any other way.

I always wondered why people wouldn't blog as much after having kids... um yeah now I know why! Between keeping them fed, clean, well rested, and keeping them from getting hurt there is little time to write about it let alone, alone time to yourself to sit down and write! So I apologize for the lack of posts over the last go lets say 2 years haha... I'm really hoping to be better at posting this year! Believe me I feel like I have enough thoughts about life and mommy hood to fill a book... its just finding the time to get them all written down! Well friends I hope you are staying warm on this Friday the 12th of February! Blessings to you!!


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hello Febuary!

Here are a few recent pictures of the kiddos! Hope you are having a fantastic week my friends!